Retired FBI Agent with 22 years experience

Retired FBI Agent with 22 years experience

Personal and Business Surveillance
Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigations
Legal Support & Judgement Recovery
Locating Persons & Parent Child Search Investigations
Workers Comp / Insurance Fraud Investigations
Criminal Investigations / Background Checks

Why Choose Akina Investigations?

Choosing the right private eye (private investigator) can make a significant difference in your investigation: from the speed of results to lower cost for services. Below are some highlights of why Akina is one of the best private investigators in Ventura County and Los Angeles County.

One of the top surveillance experts in the country.  FBI Special Ops training and experience

Most others use 1 database, we use at least 3 for more thorough and speedy results.

We use techniques that other P.I.’s are unaware of and we have special education and training to use them

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Who is Akina Investigations?

Akina Investigations is led by Scott Akina, a retired FBI Agent with 22 years of highly skilled training for surveillance and investigation. Scott was part of the team responsible for surveillance on the United States’ top targets suspected of spying, terrorism and more.  He is part of the top elite in the world to keep his cover and not be discovered – “Being burned (identified) by the nation’s top targets is simply never an option.”

Because of his aeronautical training and experience Scott was chosen the FBI’s lead investigator of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370.  He has extensive knowledge and training that very few private investigators can compete with.