Why Choose Akina Investigations

Why Choose Akina Investigations

FBI Surveillance Training and Experience 

Through 22 years of FBI experience and training, Retired Special Agent Scott Akina has accumulated more investigative skills and techniques than most other private investigators.  Scott was part of the FBI’s elite surveillance team conducting surveillance and collecting evidence on the nation’s most important targets suspected as spies, terrorists, drug dealers and other crimes.

Experienced in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Are you being spied upon?  Do you need to find out without revealing it?  Using TSCM, we check to see if your home, business, vehicles, or technology have any surveillance equipment installed to spy on you.  We also provide you with the expert advice and counter measures to fight back.

More Tools & Techniques Unknown to Most P.I.’s

Akina Investigations has access to many tools and techniques which are currently unknown to many private investigators.  Because of exposure to various methods, technology and practices through his 22 year experience in the FBI, Scott Akina can get results for you faster and more accurately than other competitors.

Polygraph / Lie Detector Capabilities

Sometimes when investigating crimes, fraud, and backgrounds it is helpful to conduct a polygraph exam.  Akina Investigations works closely with highly experienced, polygraph examiners with prior law enforcement experience and are commonly seen on national television shows.

We Use 3 Or More Databases for Investigations

Most private investigators use only one database while conducting background checks and investigations.  We use at least three so that you get more complete and accurate information and you get it faster.

Experienced Investigator with  Technology and Social Media 

Quality Investigations for infidelity, fraud, and background checks rely on complete information.  We have the skill level for investigations in the latest social media platforms and social media.  When it comes to technology, we can help.