Background Checks

Comprehensive Background Checks and Investigations

Unfortunately, people don’t always tell you the truth

Do you really want to know if a person is who they say they are?  Is the unknown too great a risk for your business, family, or yourself?  Hiring a private investigator to perform comprehensive background checks is common practice for many people and businesses today.

To truly know a person can render itself invaluable when you’re including them into your work or personal life.  Are you hiring someone for an important position, or interested to know the background of a romantic interest or a business partner?

Hiring a qualified Private Investigator is the key to a thorough background check.

Most Private Investigators search 1 Database, we use at least 3

Sex Offender Registration Searches
Arrest Records and Reports
Complete Address History
Identity Verification
Full Search of Local & National Databases
Arrest Warrants

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