Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance and Workers Comp Fraud Investigations

Hire Akina Investigations to protect yourself from insurance fraud abusers and detect potential fraud.

California Insurance Fraud has become a large problem

California has a no-fault Workers Compensation system where injured employees are NOT required to prove fault.  This has allowed Workers Comp fraud to skyrocket and driving up costs for everyone.

Private Investigators for Workers Comp & Insurance fraud save you money

The cost of hiring our expert insurance fraud investigation services can save great amounts of money in the long term by containing your insurance rates.  If you suspect that an employee or individual is committing fraud in against you, a quality private investigator can get to the truth and build evidence in your case.

Offering the highest level of investigation and surveillance experience

Scott Akina is a retired FBI agent with 22 years of elite surveillance and investigation experience.  Scott was a member of the FBI’s elite Special Operations Group responsible for investigating and surveillance of our nation’s top targets.  Scott has captured photographs and videos of the FBI’s highest priority subjects. Keeping the investigation and surveillance a secret was the only option in his work.

Learning the facts and gathering evidence to help you build your case is what we do for you.  We want to arm you with a complete picture of the person claiming injury.  Getting that information takes skill and resources that only a qualified Private Investigator can provide.

Use Akina Investigations to look for this evidence

Polygraph Examination Services
Evidence of Injury Not Work Related
History of Past Insurance Fraud
Employee Injury Fault Investigation
Video and Photo Evidence Gathering
Investigations of Pre-existing Conditions
Truthful Injury Effects, Instead of What Was Reported
Complete Background Check Investigation

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