Judgement Recovery & Assets Investigations

Judgement Recovery & Assets Investigations

Looking for hidden assets?

As a highly qualified Private Investigator, Scott Akina provides you with the information you need through a comprehensive asset investigation.  In divorce cases and lawsuits finding the full accounting of all assets is critical to proper compensation and judgement recovery.

We help you uncover any unreported or undisclosed assets by an individual, organization or company.  We can help you find hidden bank accounts, real estate, business interests, private investments, investment accounts and much more.

Uniquely qualified asset investigator

Scott Akina spent many years investigating complex white collar crimes conducted by the most savvy criminals.  Finding assets was a large part of helping victims recover their losses.  This often resulted in the seizure of money and property.  Following money trails and hidden assets was a critical component of his 22 years of investigative work with the FBI.   Scott has accumulated the training, skill, experience and resources to provide you with the most comprehensive asset investigations available.

Multiple Methods of Asset Investigations

Comprehensive Local and National Records Database Searches
Friends, Family, Business and Colleague Interviews
Comprehensive Knowledge of U.S. Asset Investigations

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