Person Search & Locate

Comprehensive People Search Investigations

Are you trying to find someone?

Looking for a relative, a missing person, a witness, or anyone else among the 330 million people in the United States is a daunting task for anyone.  This is the number one reason people and businesses hire a private investigator.

To find someone, you need great resources

As a retired FBI Agent trained and skilled in the nation’s top investigation, Scott Akina has the experience needed to find your person.  Whether the person you’re looking to find is hiding intentionally or not, we have access to the resources that have the greatest chance of success.

Locating a missing person or witness is one of our key capabilities

Whether you need to find a witness for your legal case or you want to find a missing person, we have the skill and resources to get the job done. Our resources exceed what most other Private Investigators can offer you.  Scott’s many years of specialized training and experience are employed in your efforts to find your missing individual.

We use the following resources to locate individuals

Multiple Public Record Databases and Court Records
Technology and Social Media Networks Investigations
Thorough Interviews with Family, Friends, Colleagues
Skilled in Hidden Surveillance & Investigation
Connections with Local and National Law Enforcement
Exclusive Tools & Techniques Unknown to Most PI’s

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