Surveillance Investigations

Business and Personal Surveillance Investigations

Retired FBI Agent with 22 years surveillance investigation experience

When you need to have someone followed or have your property closely watched in an effort to gather information without being detected, then you need to contact Scott Akina, Private InvestigatorScott Akina is your top choice in both Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Scott has over 22 years of elite specialized training and experienced in surveillance.  As part of the FBI’s Special Operations Group, he was responsible for following and investigating the nation’s top targets suspected of spying, terrorism, and other high profile crimes.

When it comes to surveillance, Akina Investigations is the top in the industry.

Surveillance for these and other subjects

Cheating Spouse
Employee Misconduct
Missing Persons
Identity Theft
Stalkers or Predators
Insurance Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Use
Sexual Harrassment
Probation Violation

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